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Garfield cat is quiet, lovely, gentle, sweet, regardless of details and loyalty, on the other hand, it is as lively and naughty as other breeds. It is as quiet as Persian cats, close to people, and as naughty and smart as American short-haired cats.
Head of Garfield Cat: Large and round with wide skull. Round face shaped from round skull, short and thick neck.
Nose of Garfield Cat: Short and flat, and long and wide. There are holes in the eyes, and the holes are the center of the face.
Cheeks: Very plump.
Jaw: Wide and powerful.
Chin: Full, well developed, thick, strong and round, with normal occlusion.
Ears: Small, round at the top of the ear and inclined forward, wide distance between the ears, located at the lower part of the head, suitable for the feeling of round head.
Eyes: Large, round, full and bright. Because the lacrimal glands are shorter, shorter eyes are easier to shed tears than other cats and need to be cleaned by the owner every day.
Body: Short body, short legs, chest width, the same width of the shoulder, shoulder to hip the same width, the middle of the body remains plump, the back is horizontal. Muscle strength is not fattening. Medium to large: Quality is more important than size.
Legs: Short and powerful. The front foot is straight, and the back foot is straight, too.
Foot: Large, round and strong. The front foot has five toes and the back foot has four toes.
Tail: Short, but proportionate to body. There should be no abnormal bending.
Cape of Garfield Cat: Thick, thick, soft and vibrant. Brilliant color, thick short hair, moderate length. Cats with long neck hair or tail hair can be classified as AOV.
It has a variety of colors and patterns, including pure color, smoke color, band pattern, double color and key color, etc.
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