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67-year-old woman has a baby In China

The 67-year-old woman has a baby and sounds like a fairy tale, but it is true. This is indeed happening near Beijing. This really cheers up a lot of people who feel they are aging. Trump and Hillary Clinton reached the president at the age of 70. China’s 褚时健80 began to grow oranges and became a generation of orange kings. As long as you are alive, you must work hard and struggle.
The 6th floor of Zaozhuang Maternal and Child Health Hospital is quiet, and it has become the focus of national attention in recent days. At the age of 60, it is the age to enjoy the fun of the grandson, but the 67-year-old Tian Auntie chose "rebirth": On October 25, she gave birth to her daughter in the cesarean section of Zaozhuang Maternal and Child Health Hospital. It suddenly became the focus of public opinion. Due to the claim that nature is conceived, the maternal age is the first in the country.

Husband Of Aunt Tian(baby's father)

Mother and daughter are safe and well
On October 28th, Tian Auntie’s family-style integrated delivery area was much quieter than the previous two days. Tian Aunt’s ward door was closed, and a princess doll wearing a yellow skirt was hanging on the door. The person is sitting not far away. The reporter tried to ask about the situation of Tian Auntie, and the medical staff refused.
The reporter met Tian Auntie’s wife, Huang Daye, downstairs in the hospital. He just took some household items from his home and returned to the hospital. His face looked a little tired. Uncle Huang walked in the hospital, and people expressed congratulations and blessings from time to time. He told reporters that people have recognized him when he went there in the past few days.
For the things of his wife and daughter, he believes that both mother and daughter are healthy now, which is the best thing. He told reporters that his wife is now recovering very well, that is, the knife is still a little painful. Now it is impossible to see her daughter. "The hospital neonatal intensive care unit has regulations. only family members are allowed to visit on Tuesdays and Fridays. Now it is only known from the doctor that the daughter is safe." Huang said with a smile, now only take care of his wife, and when the child leaves the intensive care unit, Take care of two people. As for when to leave the hospital, it is still not clear. Huang said that because there is no heating, the doctor said that after the discharge, adults and children can't adapt, so they have to stay in the hospital for a while.
Have struggled with children
"When I saw her for the first time, I thought it was the mother who accompanied my daughter or daughter-in-law to the birth check-up. I didn't expect the grandmother's lady to be a pregnant woman." Recalling the first meeting with Tian Tianniang, the Maternal and Child Health Hospital An obstetrician bluntly said that he was surprised and admired, but more worried, "the first time I saw a woman who was so old."
The doctor told reporters that on April 6, 2019, Tian Auntie had a hospital in Beijing, and had a B-ultrasound examination to show the gestational sac and intrauterine pregnancy. On May 20th, in the maternity clinic of the new hospital in Zaozhuang City Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the high-risk pregnancy was evaluated, and the detailed communication was recommended to terminate the pregnancy. The pregnant woman insisted on continuing the pregnancy and gave the project management according to the high-risk pregnancy.
At first, for the fetus to stay, Huang Daye told reporters that in fact, he just found out that his wife was also very surprised when he was pregnant. They were also beginning to struggle, whether they want this child. "The main reason is that the age of the wife is too big, and the family members also oppose it. They think that we are 'mad' and hope that we will not be born." Uncle Huang told reporters that he has a daughter and a child, and they have already established a family, and the granddaughter has gone to college.
"Since the child has it, the results of the pregnancy test are also very good, just like the one given to us by God." Finally, the husband and wife agreed that if Tian Aunt's body had no problems during pregnancy, then she left the child.
We wish Tian Da Niang happiness, bless the little baby, and bless their family.

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Very special thing!

wish mother & baby healthy