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Monkey King Is God In Chinese Idea

"Everyone in China knows about monkey king. Mao Zedong also mentioned him many times in his articles. Just like Batman or transformers in the United States, they can do anything. The legend of Monkey King has a history of thousands of years in China. " gmtlight, Mr. Niu

Monkey King is one of the famous mythological figures in China, which comes from the book of Journey to the West. Its ancestral home is Dongsheng Shandong Province. It was born from the fairy stone since the beginning of the world. It became the king of all monkeys by leading the group of monkeys into the water curtain cave and honored as the "Monkey King". After thousands of mountains and rivers worship the Bodhi master as a teacher, he was named monkey king. He learned such superb magic skills as the number of changes, the tumbling clouds, immortality and so on.

Monkey King first made a scene in the Dragon Palace, got Ruyi's golden cudgel, and then made a scene in the local government, rewriting the book of life and death, and then was recruited by the heaven to be an official of Bi Mawen. Knowing that his position was low, Monkey King angrily returned to Huaguo Mountain and defeated the Crusades of the king of tota and the three princes, forcing the Jade Emperor to make him the Great Saint Of Qitian and build the great saint's mansion of Qitian in the Heaven to manage the flat peach garden. Because of the drunken disturbance of the Wang Mother's Pan peach Festival, he steals the golden elixir of the Supreme Lord and becomes the immortal body of the Dragon's Palace. he makes his eyes shining in the furnace of the Supreme Lord's Alchemy. After that, he made a scene in the heaven palace. 100000 soldiers and generals, four heavenly kings and 28 stars could not defeat him. Later, he lost in the bet fight with the Tathagata and was forced under the five elements mountain. He repented for more than 500 years.

After being enlightened by Guanyin, he was rescued by Tang Monk. He was a Dharma bearer, who protected Tang Monk to learn scriptures from the West. He conquered demons and Demons all the way. He did not fear hardships. He went through eighty-one difficulties, and finally achieved the true result of the cultivation of scriptures. He was named Fighting Buddhism.

Monkey King is intelligent, lively, loyal, jealous of evils, and represents wit and courage in folk culture. Since the Tang Dynasty, the legend of the Journey To The West has continued to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Monkey King is regarded as a God by Chinese people in these folk myths.