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volcanic stones in home town

There are a large number of volcanic stones in my home town. Volcanic stones have many advantages and are widely used. Contact me if necessary.

volcanic stones

  1. Volcanic rocks have superior properties. Besides the general characteristics of ordinary rocks, they also have their own unique style and special functions.

Compared with granite and other stone materials, basalt materials have low radioactivity, so that they can be safely used in human living places without the risk of radioactive pollution.

2. Volcanic rocks are weatherproof, climate-resistant and durable; sound absorption and noise reduction are conducive to improving the auditory environment; primitive natural avoidance of glare is conducive to improving the visual environment; water absorption, skid resistance and heat resistance are conducive to improving the physical environment; unique "breathing" function can adjust air humidity and improve the ecological environment.

volcanic stones

All kinds of unique advantages can satisfy the new fashion that people pursue simplicity and nature in building decoration and advocate green and environmental protection.

3. Volcanic rocks are hard and can be used to produce ultra-thin stone slabs. After surface grinding, their glossiness can reach 85 degrees or more. They have bright and pure color and elegant appearance. They are widely used in exterior wall decoration of various buildings, ground paving of municipal road squares and residential quarters, and also in all kinds of antique buildings, European-style buildings and gardens. The preferred stone material for architecture is well received and loved by customers at home and abroad.

4. Volcanic rock cast stone pipes have excellent abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. They can be used as lining of pipeline systems for pneumatic or hydraulic conveying abrasive corrosive materials and slurries in power, chemical, metallurgical, mining and coal sectors.

Fibers, pipes, flakes, nets and cotton flocculent products made from basalt can be used to make fire-proof and flame-retardant fabrics, clothing, machine parts, automobile brakes, pipes, human organs, heat preservation, heat insulation and noise absorption materials.

volcanic stones

It can replace not only harmful asbestos and glass products, but also metal materials, and has better quality. Compared with metal, it not only has light weight, corrosion resistance and long service life. Pipe life is 100 years, elasticity and toughness are 20% higher than steel; rod plasticity is higher than plastic; plate strength is higher than light metal alloy, can withstand tank rolling; corrosion resistance is higher than glass.

volcanic stones

5. The fragmented fragments of volcanic rocks (0.5-2 cm) are widely used in the foundation construction of roads, bridges, buildings, dykes, seawalls and other occasions. Compared with other stone materials, the product has unique characteristics of high strength, high wear resistance and high hardness. It is especially suitable for roadbed pouring of Expressway and airport runway. It can greatly improve the bearing capacity, compression resistance, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and other performance indicators of road foundation. It is conducive to ensuring the quality of the project for a century and becomes a major project for all construction projects. The project unit and building design department are the first choice of stone materials in determining the engineering materials.

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