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Steps For Foot Massage

Foot massage still has a complete set of steps.


Foot massage step 1. Prepare warm water, water can cover half of the calf is appropriate. Soak your feet in water and add hot water while washing. Keep the water temperature between 42 and 60 degrees C until your skin turns red. It takes about 15 minutes.

Step 2: Rub your feet dry and apply moisturizer.

Step 3 of foot massage, the lateral flapping of both hands, play the role of relaxing calf muscles.

Step 4 of foot massage: Hold one foot with both hands and squeeze it inward.

Foot massage step 5, hands in the instep of the foot up and down rub the whole foot, play the role of circulating blood.

Step 6 of foot massage: Lighting the foot and gently pressing it will help the body to excrete waste.

Step 7 of foot massage, gently scraping big toes, can improve headache and dizziness, help sleep.

Foot massage step 8, middle finger, index finger joint pressing foot acupoints, can alleviate chest tightness symptoms.

Foot massage step 9, index finger gently scraping toes, to relax tendons and promote blood circulation.

Step 10 of foot massage and gently squeezing the side of foot with both hands can improve human immunity.

Step 11 of foot massage, pressing the instep and the centre of the foot with both hands.

Step 12 of foot massage and gently squeezing the side of the foot with both hands can improve the immunity of the human body.

Step 13 of foot massage and gentle pinching of acupoints on the dorsum of foot with both hands can relieve headache and dizziness.

After these steps are completed, it is a complete set of foot massage. At this time, you will feel very relaxed. Mr. gmtlight