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Starbucks coffee is not simple coffee, is a habit or culture

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Note: Starbucks coffeehas become a household name. Starbucks coffee is available in every densely populated area in China, bus

Starbucks coffee has become a household name. Starbucks coffee is available in every densely populated area in China, business district and Wall Street in the United States. 

Starbucks coffee

"I like Starbucks coffee, but I don't go very often," said Mr. Niu, who makes luminous products for bars at gmtlight. "In China, Starbucks does not seem to be a place for ordinary people to visit. A cup of coffee costs tens or even hundreds of yuan, which is equivalent to a lunch. Therefore, Starbucks coffee is usually a place for business appointments or special situations. But in the United States, ordinary people go to Starbucks for a cup of coffee at will."

Starbucks'strong black coffee fragrance penetrates into the lives of all kinds of people around the world. The success story of Starbucks does not begin with the same taste of coffee in every cup.

When coffee beans are still growing, Starbucks has started their process: choosing coffee beans very carefully, from varieties to origin to the shape of particles, each link has strict criteria; its coffee tasting experts are tasting more than 100,000 cups of coffee a year to ensure quality, and selecting coffee by cup evaluation method. Beans, then determine the exact degree of roasting, so that the unique taste of each coffee can be fully released.

The slogan of Starbucks is to give full play to the flavor of every coffee. The last step is to sell steaming coffee to customers along with standard service models.

Starbucks sells a strong coffee culture.

In Starbucks Shanghai, a service called "Coffee Classroom" is that if three or four people go to have coffee together, Starbucks will equip these people with a coffee chef. once customers have any questions about the choice, brewing and roasting of coffee beans, the coffee chef will explain them patiently and carefully so that customers can appreciate the coffee culture advocated by Starbucks while finding the coffee that is most suitable for their taste.

Culture gives a good reason for its higher price, and customers get great psychological satisfaction from it. The real winner is Starbucks.

In Starbucks'view, people's detention space is divided into family, office and other places. As a coffee shop, Starbucks devotes itself to occupying people's third detention space, focusing its money-making eyes on people's detention space, live piano playing, European and American classical music background, popular fashion newspapers and magazines, exquisite European-style jewelry and other supporting facilities, so that coffee drinking becomes a kind of life experience and coffee drinkers. Consciousness is fashionable and cultural.

"Starbucks coffee is not simple coffee, is a habit or culture. If you go to Starbucks for a cup of coffee, you won't lose yourself. However, it's better to have preparation in advance and recommend coffee for your girlfriend skillfully and naturally.And you can get her without any problem normally " Mr. Niu of gmtlight said.

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