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5G is not "4G+1G"

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Note: [gmtlight news] On June 25, China Unicom held the 14th International Partners Conference. At the meeting, Li Guohua, gen

[gmtlight news] On June 25, China Unicom held the 14th International Partners Conference. At the meeting, Li Guohua, general manager of China Unicom, stressed that 5G is not "4G+1G", it is not a simple upgrade of mobile communications, but a major subversive technological change. Along with artificial intelligence technology, it will become an important driving force for economic and social transformation and upgrading. Human beings in production, life and social management. In terms of methods, revolutionary changes will be ushered in.

5G is not

5G is not "4G+1G" Can you understand?

The 5G era will be a new era for all things to connect and apply. It will also be an opportunity for global telecom operators to promote digital transformation and take off again.

On June 6, 5G licences were officially issued, marking that China has entered the first year of 5G commerce. What is the pulling power of 5G? It is predicted that by 2025, China's 5G business will directly drive the total economic output of 1.5 trillion US dollars. China's 5G communication market will enter a period of rapid development. Meanwhile, with the further development of China's "one belt and one road" International Cooperation Initiative, more and more Chinese enterprises are going abroad, and more and more foreign-funded enterprises have entered China. Extensive bilateral and multilateral economic and trade exchanges and investment cooperation have brought high-speed growth and globalization of cross-border information and communication needs.

"All this means great opportunities and space for China Unicom and its partners here. How to achieve win-win cooperation has always been the unremitting pursuit of the platform of China Unicom International Partners Conference. Li Guohua said.

This time, more than 400 international operators and industry chain partners participated in the China Unicom International Partnership Conference. Seeking more 5G cooperation scenarios in the Chinese market is one of the important reasons.

In terms of 5G, China Unicom has long had a layout. At present, it has taken the lead in opening the 5G test network in 40 cities in China, officially issued the brand logo "5G_" and the theme slogan "Let the Future Grow". It has built the 5G terminal innovation joint laboratory and the 5G terminal innovation alliance with many partners such as well-known chips, modules, terminals, solutions and channel agents at home and abroad. Joint R&D center and 5G experience center have made significant progress and breakthroughs in new media, industry, medical and other industries. (excerpts from Economic Daily by gmtlight)

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