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Phosphors Powder,Wonderful In The Dark

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Note: Phosphors powder is so wonderful in the dark.Let's first introduce the phosphor, which is also called noctilucent po

Phosphors powder is so wonderful in the dark.

phosphors powder

Let's first introduce the phosphor, which is also called noctilucent powder. It means to glow in the dark.

Phosphors can be divided into two categories: energy storage noctilucent powder and radioactive noctilucent powder. What we want to talk about here is non-radioactive noctilucent powder for daily use.

phosphors powder

Energy storage noctilucent powder is the phosphor after being irradiated by natural light, sunlight, ultraviolet light, etc., to store the light energy, after stopping the light irradiation, then slowly release in the form of fluorescence, so at night or in the dark, still can see the light, lasting for several hours to more than a dozen hours. It has the advantages of environmental protection, non-radiation, color, good brightness, long-term effect, water-borne and so on.

Phosphors powder has a lot of uses in daily life. Here is a brief introduction. You can create freely.

phosphors powder

The first method of using phosphor is to apply a layer of transparent glue or paint on the object beforehand, then spread the powder evenly and dry naturally.

Usage of phosphor 2: You can also mix the powder and glue or paint together, and then stir evenly, coat on the object.

At night, you can use strong light for a period of time, and then you can light in the dark. For example, when a bright light (led light) is illuminated at close range, the light can be turned off immediately and the light can shine.

phosphors powder

It can be illuminated by the sun in the daytime, and lasts for 10-20 hours.

The product is durable and valid for more than 20 years.

phosphors powder

gmtlight produces fluorescent products such as night-light ashtrays, bar mats, night-light oils,Silica gel light-emitting ashtray and so on. Phosphorescent powder meets international safety standards and is widely used in bars, entertainment and daily life. It is packaged in a small bag of 10G for easy use.

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