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China household registration system is being changed

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Note: China household registration system is being changed,which is an old population management system.China household regis

China household registration system is being changed,which is an old population management system.

China household registration system

The household registration system is a basic national administrative system. The household registration system in Chinese history is directly related to land, and is a population management mode based on family, family and clan. The modern household registration system is a legal system for the state to collect, confirm and register the basic information of citizens'population, such as birth, death, kinship, legal address, etc.

"China's household registration system has made progress in population management, but with the frequent population movements, many basic public services are difficult to cover the floating population, resulting in social inequity. It is imperative to reform the household registration system. Some employees of gmtlight are not registered in Beijing and cannot enjoy the treatment of Beijingers in terms of their children's schooling and social security. It has seriously affected their work and life. ”Mr. Niu, gmtlight.

China household registration system

In order to protect the rights and interests of some citizens in employment, education, social welfare and other aspects, an individual-oriented population management mode. The household registration system in contemporary China has become an obstacle to economic and social development. It is urgent to reform and accelerate the formation of a new pattern of integration of urban and rural economic and social development. At the national teleconference on political and legal work held on January 7, 2013, the reform of household registration system was listed as one of the four key tasks in 2013.

At present, only one country in the world has a strict household registration system. It is understood that there are still two countries in the world, North Korea and Benin, which have studied China's household registration system for reference, but they have not drawn a difference between farmers and workers.

The household registration system, that is, the household registration system, is a social system formed with the emergence of the country. It refers to the investigation, registration and declaration of the household registration under the jurisdiction of the authorities at all levels, and the establishment, classification, planning and preparation of households in accordance with certain principles. It is the main basis for the rulers to levy taxes and corvee, implement administrative management and enforce laws. It is also an important way for the state to implement moral education, economic exploitation and personal control of farmers. Therefore, dynasties have followed this system.

Speeding up the reform of the household registration system is a key reform deployed at the eighteenth National Congress and the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the CPC. It is a major task to promote new urbanization with Chinese characteristics and a major measure to realize the "citizen dream" of millions of agricultural migrants. At the just concluded Central Conference on Urbanization, it was clearly pointed out that urbanization with people as the core should be promoted, and that promoting the stable employment and orderly citizenization of the permanent population with the ability to live in cities and towns should be the primary task. According to the deployment of the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee, the reform of the household registration system will be coordinated and coordinated with the reform in related fields, involving a wide range of personnel and great efforts, which will be unprecedented.

To speed up the reform of the household registration system, we should focus on improving the policy of household registration migration and promoting the orderly realization of citizenization of the permanent population capable of stable employment and living in cities and towns. The main tasks are to solve the problem of the settlements of the agricultural migrants who have transferred to urban employment, steadily improve the urbanization level of the household registration population, and steadily promote the full coverage of the permanent population of basic public services in cities and towns.

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