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What delicacies are there in Beijing?

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Note: What delicacies are there in Beijing? Ms Liu, working in gmtlight, will tell you some places fordelicacies.Eastern Squar

What delicacies are there in Beijing? Ms Liu, working in gmtlight, will tell you some places for delicacies.

Eastern Square "Dashidai" Food Street, Located in Oriental Plaza has always been famous for its collection of world famous brands.

If you want to eat while you're shopping, try hand-made Romana ice cream or a Youngenfus cold drink; if you want snacks, you can.

Let Swiss Ekoti candy or American brown candy, as well as delicious dried meat to help you relieve your hunger; when you are tired, sit down and eat slowly, a tea-sitting nutritional packages, affordable lasagna, green Japanese dishes, Shile delicious barbecue, as well as Rogers, Yum Chef, etc., absolutely make your appetite.

Guijie Street (Dongzhimen inner catering Street)

Guijie is the name given by the people of Beijing to the dining street in Dongzhimen, Dongcheng District. This is the most important area for youngers in Beijing.

The famous food street was formed in 1997. From the east of Guijie Street to the west of Dongzhimen overpass of Second Ring Road. As the street became more and more popular at night, people jokingly called it "ghost street". Later, some people suggested that "ghost street" was not elegant, and then changed to the title "gui street". Gui refers to a kind of food container with round mouth and two ears in ancient China. A street named Gui is naturally a place for eating. Spicy crayfish, spicy meat crab and other spicy dishes are the main dishes in Guijie. In this 1.5 kilometer long street, there are nearly 200 restaurants with different styles and tastes, where you can enjoy the authentic eight national cuisines. There are Sichuan's "Tanyutou" hot pot, Chongqing's "Xiaodongtian" hot and spicy, Wanzhou's "unique" roast fish, old Beijing flavor "scorpion", "popped belly Feng", "tea soup plum", "Jinding Xuan" Cantonese dishes, "Dongxing Tower" Shandong dishes, "Oriental fishing Port" seafood...etc.

Go there for eating, it's enough for you to learn the delicacies in Beijing. If you need more information, email to li@gmtlight.com, she can introduce you more.

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