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Optical Fiber Lighting Make Life More Beautiful

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Note: Optical fiber lighting and decoration are easy to operate, generous, economical and widely adaptable.Optical fiber light

Optical fiber lighting and decoration are easy to operate, generous, economical and widely adaptable.

optical fiber lighting

Optical fiber lighting can be customized. According to the user's idea, the optical fiber lighting consists of light source and relevant optical fiber and accessories.

optical fiber lighting

Optical fiber decorative products are widely used in home, KTV, star hotels, theaters, stages, nightclubs, high-end entertainment places and other indoor decoration lighting; production of luminous clothes, handbags, tablecloths, handicrafts and other products; advertising light boxes, swimming pools, mines, tunnels, roads and other logo lighting; museums, exhibition halls, shopping malls and other cultural relics, exhibits lighting decoration

optical fiber lighting

When installing optical fibers, there are some points of attention:

1. All ends of a bundle of optical fiber must be kept in the same plane to avoid that part of the optical fiber is shrunk in the optical fiber bundle. If the optical fiber is not in the same plane, it cannot receive light, which will cause that some pieces of the optical fiber does not emit light.

optical fiber lighting

2.The end face of one end of the optical fiber must be facing the light source, that is, the light source and the optical fiber head are in a straight line to ensure the luminous effect

optical fiber lighting

3. Although the optical fiber is soft, when it comes to the bend, especially the sharp corner, it is necessary to give enough bend angle radian, otherwise the optical fiber will have light blocking phenomenon at the corner.

optical fiber lighting

3. if it is to be buried in the ground, the optical fiber must be covered with a hard pipe, otherwise the thermal expansion and cold contraction will crush the optical fiber and cause light efficiency.

The shape of optical fiber can be created freely according to the needs. No matter what shape it is made of, light source and optical fiber material are the basic elements.

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