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Luminous Stone Take You 10 Years Free Light

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Note: Luminous Stone Take You 10 Years Free Light, it's true!This is the gift of Sun, Store light during the day and relea

luminous stone

Luminous Stone Take You 10 Years Free Light, it's true!

luminous stone

This is the gift of Sun, Store light during the day and release light at night.

luminous stone

Xiao Li told me that he decorated his balcony with luminous stones and took his girlfriend home to courtship. He succeeded. His girlfriend told him that compared with Xiao Li, she preferred the luminous stones on the balcony. She married him mainly for the shiny stones on the balcony. joking.

luminous stone

Decorative luminous pebbles make your night feel fresh, mind free, happy of heart, completely relaxed and carefree and joyous;  it's really make your room romatics.

Decorative luminous pebbles Made of Polystyrene,  fluorescent powder, which is safe materials, normal sizes is total of 100pcs weights about 220grams.

Luminous principle of luminous stone: the luminous pebbles absorbs and stores energy after being stimulated by visible light such as sunlight or other light. Not only naturally glow in the dark for a long time, but also repeatedly absorb light every day, with a service life of more than 10 years.

luminous stone

Decorative luminous pebbles should be placed closed to light areas.

The products are mainly used for indoor and outdoor decoration, such as fish tank, Turtle tank, fish pond, vase, bonsai, rockery and path. The utility model has the advantages of attractive luminous effect, long luminous duration, reusable, non-toxic, non radioactive, long service life, etc. Easy to use, can be placed directly, can also be bonded with bonding materials.

luminous stone

According to the reasonable proportion of polystyrene and certain size of phosphor, the luminous stone produced by gmtlight can achieve about 90% of the light conversion rate, and the material has good stability. In the environment of - 30 ℃ to - 50 ℃, it will not deteriorate or decay in 10 years. 100 pieces of luminous stones are packed in a bag, weighing about 220g, suitable for air transport or express delivery.

luminous stone









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