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Standing on the Olympic Tower, Guess what you can see?

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Note: On March 15, 2016, the tallest building in the Olympic Park finally got its name in Beijing,China.She was officially nam

On March 15, 2016, the tallest building in the Olympic Park finally got its name in Beijing,China.

olympic tower

She was officially named "Beijing Olympic Tower".

On top of the tower and the commanding height of the Olympic central area, the five rings were erected. Beijing will also become the second independent and permanent city to install the Olympic rings after Montreal, Canada.

olympic tower

The Olympic Games and Beijing will be more closely tied up and linked. Before the "Beijing Olympic Tower" was named, the tallest building in the area attracted the attention of many citizens and tourists.

olympic tower

The tower body of Beijing Olympic Tower is composed of five independent towers from 186 meters to 246.8 meters high. The design concept of the tower is "tree of life", which means that the tree of life emerges from the earth's crust, grows naturally, extends gradually from the top of the tower to the surrounding areas, forming a crown shape. The five towers with different heights are similar to each other in the air, with unique shapes, containing the spirit of the five rings of the Olympic Games.

Standing on the Olympic Tower, you can take a panoramic view of Beijing. The nearest is the bird's Nest stadium and the water cube. Further away, you can see the Forbidden City and other buildings.

olympic tower

Many of the LED lights used to decorate the Olympic Tower are of high technology. gmtlight technology department cannot fully understand some of the technologies, and some of them belong to patent technology.

If you have a chance, I suggest you visit it.

2016年3月15日,位于奥林匹克公园的最高建筑物终于有了名字 ,她被正式命名为“北京奥林匹克塔”。







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