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Billionaire Make The Public Angry,the Girl Is 9years Old Only

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Note: Although GMLIGHT is small and far from the scale of billionaires, every product we make is designed to bring happiness t

Although GMLIGHT is small and far from the scale of billionaires, every product we make is designed to bring happiness to people.

This millionaire's behavior has gone beyond the moral bottom line and is negative all over the world.

Billionaires make the public angry

The identities of the leader of the listed company, billionaire, philanthropist and molester of young girls merged with him and quickly triggered public opinion, whose heinous behavior ignited public anger.

Wang Zhenhua, a 57-year-old real estate tycoon, triggered public opinion in an extremely disgraceful way.

Zhou Momou, a Jiangsu woman, brought two girls (12 and 9 years old, respectively) to a five-star hotel in Shanghai on June 29. The 9-year-old girl was molested, according to the Shanghai Xinmin Evening News. Zhou received a reward of 10,000 yuan. Zhou Mou-mou had a friendship with the mothers of two girls who had lied about taking their two children to Disney. In the afternoon of the same day, the indecent girl called her mother and cried, and her mother rushed to Shanghai to call the police. Experience injuries, girls vaginal laceration, constitute a minor injury.

On July 3, the police in Putuo District of Shanghai reported that Zhou Moumou and Wang Moumou had been detained on suspicion of child molestation.

Multi-party information confirms that the suspect is Wang Zhenhua, the then chairman of Xincheng Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xincheng Holding).

New Town Holdings is a new property company in China, with sales exceeding 220 billion yuan in 2018, ranking among the top 10 real estate enterprises in China. Wang Zhenhua controls a commercial empire with a total assets of 360 billion yuan.

China Newsweek learns from many people who have contacted him that Wang Zhenhua came from grass roots, has a keen business sense and is brave in taking risks. At the same time as his commercial territory is expanding wildly, he has also been repeatedly involved in erotic rumors, accused of chaotic private life.

"He looks gentle and caring about charity, but he can't imagine that there is such a terrible side behind him." Wang Zhenhua, an alumnus of Yangtze Business School, commented.

After the incident, the market value of three listed companies under Wang Zhenhua evaporated nearly 40 billion yuan in three days. In addition, whether the company will lay off employees, whether the capital chain will break, and so on also caused widespread concern.

Billionaire make the public angry

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