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How Much Knowledge Do You Know About Glow sticks?

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Note: Glow Sticksis a widely used.glow stickscan be divided into electronic and fluorescent rods according to their raw materi

glow sticks are a widely used.

Glow sticks

glow sticks can be divided into electronic and fluorescent rods according to their raw materials.

One is the light-emitting principle of LED and button battery, the other is the chemiluminescent rod, also known as the fluorescent rod, which is produced by the chemical reaction of two chemicals, acid and alkali after breaking.

Chemiluminescence is cold light. According to the law of conservation of energy, the effective conversion of chemical energy and light energy is realized. Cold light emitting rod is a new type of light source popular in the world. It does not need power supply. It directly converts chemical energy into light energy. It can form many colors such as red, orange, blue, yellow, green, purple and discoloration. It can continuously emit light for 1-24 hours. It is non-toxic and harmless.

glow stick were first used in the US military and were widely used in civilian use in the 1980s.

Glow sticks

What are the uses of today's glow sticks? Let's make a list.

The main purpose of luminous sticks is to encourage, used in concerts, sports, Christmas, Halloween, Carnival and other large-scale activities. It is also widely used in decoration of festivals, festivals, grand occasions, toys, military lighting, marine life-saving, night signs and special light sources for fishing and other fields. Concerts, beer festivals, evening parties, party parties, company annual meeting celebrations, bar nights, school club activities, opening ceremonies

Chemiluminescent rod can also be used as emergency light source, waterproof, and can adapt to special environment.

glow sticks have many different shapes and the principle is the same.

Electronic light-emitting rods such as various LED flash rods, telescopic rods, rocker rods, fairy rods, etc.

Fluorescent light-emitting rods, such as fluorescent bracelets, fluorescent straight rods, glow sticks, fluorescent collars, and a variety of fluorescent accessories.

Our friendship reminds us that the light-emitting stick belongs to disposable articles, and we should strictly follow the recycling of environmental protection after use.  While entertaining, we should pay attention not to destroy our environment.

The main materials are button batteries and plastics.

In order to avoid pollution, we should pay attention to the recovery of batteries and not throw them away.

In the use of glow stick, it should be noted that children under the age of three can not use them in order to avoid danger.

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