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Will optical fiber communication be replaced by 5G technology?

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Note: 【gmtlight news】Will optical communication be replaced by 5G technology?Fiber opticsLet's first understand wha

gmtlight news】Will optical communication be replaced by 5G technology?

Fiber optics

Fiber optics

Let's first understand what optical fiber communication is.

Mr. Li, who is in charge of the production of LED optical fiber rods at GMTLIGHT, said, "Fiber optics is the fiber tube that transmits light, but this tube is very thin, and"light"carries information. This is a little bit of my understanding of fiber.

Optical fiber communication is a kind of communication mode which takes light wave as information carrier and optical fiber as transmission medium. In principle, the basic material elements of optical fiber communication are optical fiber, light source and optical detector. Optical fibers are usually classified according to their uses, which can be divided into communication fibers and sensing fibers.

Optical fiber communication is a communication mode that uses light wave as carrier wave and optical fiber as transmission medium to transmit information from one place to another. It is called "wired" optical communication. Nowadays, optical fiber has become the main transmission mode in the world communication because of its wide transmission frequency bandwidth, high anti-interference and low signal attenuation, which is far superior to the transmission of cable and microwave communication.

Mr. Zhao Zisen, an expert in optical fiber communication in China, said: Many people have asked me this question. Will 5G and 6G replace optical fiber? In fact, 4G, 5G and even 6G are all wireless communications, and mobile phones are widely used. But when wireless transmission, every few hundred meters, there will be a small base station, which is based on optical fiber channel.

It can be said that wireless communication is a small segment, long distance are all optical fibers, can not be replaced.

Can Satellite Communication Replace Optical Fiber?

According to the relevant materials, the amount of information transmitted by satellite communication is very small, and it is very difficult to meet the rain and snow weather. It is very far to transfer from this satellite to that satellite and then to the user's hand, with only a small amount of information. Mobile satellite communication can be used in mountain, mobile warships, aircraft and other places, but it can not replace the large area of optical fiber transmission.

It can be said that optical fiber communication is the basis of 5G.

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