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The Masquerade Ball has A History Of 3000 Years

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Note: The masquerade ball has a history of 3000 years. really long history.Legend it is that 2500 years ago, the Celts living

The masquerade ball has a history of 3000 years. really long history.

Masquerade Ball

Legend it is that 2500 years ago, the Celts living in Ireland took October 31 as the last day of the year, and November 1 was the beginning of the new year, which also symbolized the coming of winter. On the night of the new and old year's transition, the Celts believed that the God of death would return to earth with an invisible soul, looking for a substitute to be reborn, so they lit torches, burned animals, offered sacrifices to the God of death, and the priests of the clan would preside over the sacrifices.

In order to drive away the nomadic ghosts in the night, the Celts dress up as ghosts by using animal's head or fur, and make terrible noises in their mouth. This is the origin of the Halloween masquerade ball in Europe and America.

Nowadays, make-up dances are arranged again and again at company annual meetings or large celebrations and fashion parties. Some people who have participated in this kind of party said that this kind of masquerade ball is elegant and fun, not only unique in form, gives people fresh and exciting, but also provides a perfect opportunity for strangers to meet.

There are lyrics as evidence: "I wore a veil and a headdress with a fake drill to attend this long-awaited masquerade ball. I know it will be my only chance to be familiar with you but unfamiliar with you. You finally gently walked up to me and drove away Cinderella's inferiority complex."

Ms. Wang, who is in charge of designing masquerade props at gmtlight, said that sometimes masks are needed. With masks, they can do things they normally fear. For single men and women in the company, masquerade dances are an opportunity to express their inner world.

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