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Gmtlight builders embracing nature

Date: 2019-08-08     Hits: 81    Comment: 0    View original
Everything grows by the sun

On a bright autumn day, I rode to Xuezhuang Village and Chapeng Village in Shunyi to enjoy the sunflowers. Although sunflower flowers are not as romantic as roses and as pure as lilies, they are sunshine, bright and have their own unique charm. The pearls of sunflower are brilliant and colorful, facing the sun, raising their smiling faces, opening brilliantly, opening enthusiastically and unrestrainedly, giving people a kind of upward force.

In the open field, looking at the golden sunflower, embracing the sunflower in the sunflower bush.

Everything grows by the sun. If there is sunshine, there will be vitality. As long as a person goes after the sun like a sunflower, his heart will always be filled with sunshine.

This is also the team spirit of gmtlight

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