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LED light flashing baseball cap

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LED light flashing baseball cap

LED light flashing cap, details as:

Head Circumference 58cm. 

Back Button: Magic Sticker Adjustable Size

Corner length: 7.5 cm, hat height: 10 cm

Weight for Cap with normal 2032 Battery : 90g 

Weight for Cap with if with Charging function: 110g

LED light flashing cap

LED light flashing baseball cap

How to use LED light flashing cap?

1. Open the battery box on the left sweatband in the head circumference. 

There is a power supply on the top of the box.

2: Open the bump button under the eaves again (you can touch it with your hands)

In general, A sticker on the cap for switch on/off.  

turn on the light and use it.

Lighting area: more than 10 meters

3: Twelve hours of constant brightness, then slowly darkening up to about 72 hours.


4: Batteries can be replaced. Two ordinary CR2032 buttons

we can supply battery in cheaper prices too.

5: The hat is darker in color. Cleaning is not workable generally.

LED light flashing baseball cap, nice item for night.

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