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FDM touch screen model making desktop 3D Printer

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US$ 1488  |  10-50 sets
US$ 1688  |  1-9 sets

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Item No.: IMK-Smart Z370

Print Speed: 100mm/s

Input Voltage: 220V / 1.5A

Max. extrusion temperature: 250℃

Power: 350W

Feed Speed: 100mm/s

Nozzle Number: 1

Printing Material: PLA / ABS

Max. Model Size: 220*220*300mm

Input file format: STL / G-Code

Min. Print Thickness: 0.1mm

Software: Simplify3d, CURA etc.

Nozzle size: Dia.0.3/0.4/0.5mm

Printer Size: 338*350*558mm

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Product Properties:

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    Product Description:

    FDM touch screen model making desktop 3D Printer

    desktop 3D Printer

    Main Parameters:

    Product Name FDM touch screen model making desktop 3D Printer
    Item No. IMK-Smart Z370 Print Speed 100mm/s
    Input Voltage 220V / 1.5A Max. extrusion temperature 250℃
    Power 350W Feed Speed 100mm/s
    Nozzle Number 1 Printing Material PLA / ABS
    Max. Model Size 220*220*300mm Input file format STL / G-Code
    Min. Print Thickness 0.1mm Software Simplify3d, CURA etc.
    Nozzle size Dia.0.3/0.4/0.5mm Printer Size 338*350*558mm

    The whole 3D printer adopts Ultimaker classic frame structure, effectively ensuring printing stability when the model is making.

    Equipped with 3.5 inch full-color sensitive touch screen, the printer is very easy to operate.

    The platform adopts all metal structure and high strength, so that the printing platform can work stably.

    Rotary stainless steel glass fastener can not only effectively fix glass panels, but also facilitate disassembly.

    The rack is located on the back of the printer, plug and play, easy to assemble and disassemble. The hanger itself is also made of 3D printing, with a maximum load of 2 kg, providing solid support for the tray.

    The maximum printing size of FDM Smart-Z370 printer is 220*220*300 millimeter, which is suitable for most size of regular models.

    The fuselage has three colors and is simple and fashionable.

    In printing process, printing parameters can be adjusted at any time and satisfactory models can be obtained.

    The nozzle is totally enclosed to avoid potential safety hazard.

    The double fan cooling makes the surface of the model more smooth.

    It is convenient to remove the nozzle and simplify the daily maintenance cost.

    One button feeding and material returning function can satisfy the need to change materials at any time and place, and add more fun to the printing process.

    Semi-automatic platform adjustment. Once in place, there is no need to repeat each time.

    Equipped with simple and easy slicing software, three simple, advanced and expert modes are provided to meet the needs of people in different stages.

    Support SD card printing, do not need to connect computers, offline printing, to ensure printing stability.

    For safety reasons, the product is equipped with a circuit breaker. When short circuit or electric leakage occurs, the circuit breaker can instantly disconnect the power supply and ensure the safety of use.

    It can automatically cool down and standby when printing is finished, not only save electricity and reduce energy waste, but also ready for next model any time.

    Excellent printing effect can be widely applied in all walks of life.


    desktop 3D Printer

    desktop 3D Printer

    desktop 3D Printer

    Some detail pictures of IMK SMART Z370 3D Printer.

    More informations about IMK and the secret of the 3D printer.

    More informations:

    The FDM Smart-Z370 desktop 3D printer is developed by IMK Technology, Northeast Forestry University and Harbin Institute of Technology. With the professional experience of technology and materials in the industry, by professional technical prototype and excellent industrial design ability, we design and produce this 3D printer for model making, education etc..

    This 3D Printer is suitable for hand model making, custom handicraft customization, 3D printing training and production enterprise hand board design and production, so as to make the design as perfect as possible. Through the patented technology of products, we can help design and manufacturing departments to better improve products and make training teaching process more intuitive and easy to understand.

    As one of the leading leaders in the 3D printing field, we have worked unanimously to make more people understand and skillfully use 3D printing technology to make this technology more popular and make more contributions to the progress of human science and technology.

    Company Profile

    As one of our technical partners, Hebei IMK Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology enterprise integrating 3D printing equipment development, material production, processing services and product sales. As a leader in application enhancement technology solutions, we focus on aerospace, automotive, medical, education, consumer goods industry solutions. The company has strong R & D capability and production capacity, and is in the leading industry level in many aspects such as equipment development, after sales service and so on.

    Company profile of IMK Technology.


    Q: Can I print my design by this 3D printer?

    A: Yes, you can.

    Q: How many color of materials could be printed?

    A: It is suitable for  all regular color of materials.

    Q: What payment method do you accept?

    A: We accept T/T, PayPal, Escrow, Western Union.

    Q: Can you delivery the goods by Air?

    A: Yes, we can.

    Q: Do you use green eco-friendly material?

    A: Yes, all our produce made of green eco-friendly material.

    Q: Can I put my own logo on your products?

    A: Yes, we can produce customized orders for clients.



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