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Led Bluetooth connection information messages wording badge

Brand: gmtlight
language: different
connection: Bluetooth
colors: different
Unit Price: 5.00USD/pc
Min.Order: 200 pc
Supply: 2000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within 14 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-03-07 11:23
Hits: 50
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Led Bluetooth connection information Badge

LED lattice: high: 11pcs; width: 44pcs; spacing 1.56mm

Display color: 7-color led optional: red, white, blue, yellow, sandalwood, green, pink

Net weight: 17 G

Screen size: 85 * 23mm

frame size: 93 * 30 * 6mm

Display language: languages of all countries in the world

Storage function: it can store 750 English characters, or pictures with the same capacity, and display company logo, advertising language and pattern;

Data cable: Micro USB (Android interface + charging)

Wearing mode (two types: magnet + pin): built-in pin, not easy to fall off, super strong magnet, easy to wear

Appearance: streamline design, arc frame, beautiful and generous;

Assembly mode: reverse buckle installation, can manually replace a variety of color shell, one machine multi-purpose;

Shell color: black, silver, gold, pink, white, blue, red, orange

Information display speed: 8-level speed, freely replaceable;

Display mode: up and down scrolling, left and right scrolling, fixed display, flashing display;

Working time: 12-24 hours;

Rechargeable battery: 200MAH

Charging time: 2 hours;

Chest card brightness: adjustable

Purpose: exhibition, work card, team activity, party, entertainment, outdoor activity

Hotel staff wear flash breastplate, LED flash breastplate for sale in real estate market

[product name]: flashboard

[product material]: ABS ultrasonic pressing;

[net weight of product]: 40g; gross weight: 70g;

[screen size]: 93 * 30 * 6mm (length * width * thickness)

[package size]: 120 * 90 * 45mm (length * width * thickness)

[outer box size]: 43 * 21 * 27cm (L * w * h)

[packing quantity]: 100 boxes / box

[gross net weight]: 8kg.

[badge language]: English, Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, etc;

[badge function]: it can display 2000 characters in English and 650 characters in Chinese;

[display mode]: display immediately, snow, hold, move left, move right, move up, move down, flicker randomly; six speeds, six actions;

LED flash breastplate 8 text messages or 8 graphic information, software built-in a variety of animation icons for you to choose;

[switch button]: four brightness adjustment 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%;

[display method]: 8 pieces of information adjustment, single piece of information can be displayed, and information 1-8 can be displayed circularly

[battery capacity]: 250mah

[charging time]: 2-3 hours, wide voltage: AC110-220V;

[working time]: about 16 hours

酒店员工佩戴闪字胸牌 楼市售楼led发光闪字胸牌广告改字胸牌








【毛净重】:  8KG。








【充电时间】: 2-3小时,宽电压:AC110-220V;

【工作时间】: 16个小时左右