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Chlorine dioxide ClO2 sterilizer stick

Brand: gmtlight
size: 6inches
function: Chlorine dioxide sterilizer
packing: foilbags
Unit Price: 1.00USD/pc
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-05-16 12:31
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Chlorine dioxide sterilizer

Disinfection principle: the external part of the disinfection stick is a plastic pipe, and there is a sealed glass pipe inside. There is a chemical material inside. When the plastic pipe is slightly bent to 15 degrees, the internal glass pipe breaks and chemical reaction begins. Then chlorine dioxide ClO2 gas is released evenly through the preset vent hole to achieve the disinfection purpose.

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a kind of gas from yellow green to orange yellow, which is internationally recognized as a safe and nontoxic green disinfectant

Broad spectrum: it can kill viruses, bacteria, protozoa, algae, fungi, various spores and bacteria formed by spores

High efficiency: 0.1ppm can kill all bacterial colonies and many pathogenic bacteria, 50ppm can completely kill bacterial colonies, hepatitis viruses, phages and bacterial spores

Little affected by temperature and ammonia: the bactericidal efficacy is basically the same at low temperature and high temperature

Wide range of pH application: can maintain high sterilization efficiency in the range of ph2-10

Safe and residue free: no chlorination reaction with organic matter, no triclosan and other toxic substances

No stimulation to human body and other advantages: when it is less than 500ppm, its impact can be ignored, and the impact below 100ppm has no impact on human body.

Chlorine dioxide disinfectant is internationally recognized as a safe and non-toxic green disinfectant. It can kill all microorganisms, including bacterial colonies, bacterial spores, fungi, mycobacteria and viruses, and these bacteria will not produce drug resistance. Chlorine dioxide can effectively oxidize the sulfhydryl containing enzymes in cells, and quickly inhibit the synthesis of microbial proteins to destroy microorganisms. It can also be used for keeping vegetables fresh and drinking water.

1、 What is the mechanism of chlorine dioxide disinfection?

ClO2 is a white powder at room temperature. It has a strong oxidizing effect, which can oxidize and decompose amino acids in microbial proteins, lead to amino acid chain fracture, protein loss of function and microbial death. Its function is not to denature bacterial proteins or chlorinate them, but to oxidize them. This effect is at least 2.6 times stronger than chlorination.

2、 What is the germicidal efficacy for Chlorine dioxide sterilizer?

Chlorine dioxide disinfectant has a wide range of bactericidal spectrum, including almost all common pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacterial colonies, bacterial spores, fungi, viruses and highly resistant hepatitis viruses.

3、 How safe is Chlorine dioxide sterilizer?

Non toxic, harmless, no residue, no irritation to skin.

4、 What are the application areas?

1. It can replace all kinds of chlorine preparation (sodium hypochlorite, "84" disinfectant, euclozin, etc.), quaternary amine salt, peracetic acid, hot water, steam, etc.

2. Disinfection, preservation and bleaching of space, equipment, personnel and appliances of food, pharmaceutical, meat products, dairy and other processing enterprises.

3. Disinfect drinking water, tap water, surface water, underground water and production water, and remove algae, iron, manganese and other substances in the water.

4. Prevention and killing of public environment, medical system, infectious disease area and other areas.

5. Water treatment for aquaculture, industrial water, cooling water, waste water, petroleum engineering, etc.

6. Disease prevention of agricultural products, sterilization of soil and shed, and preservation of fruits and vegetables.