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Waterproof LED outdoor underground light

Item No.: LUL-001
Material: ABS
Size: 11.5x11.5x14cm
Unit Price: 1.28USD/piece
Min.Order: 500 piece
Supply: 10000 piece
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-09-03 17:19
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Waterproof LED outdoor underground light 

This lamp can be used for outdoor lighting, outdoor, patio, lawn lighting, solar rechargeable batteries, and can work for more than 5 hours when fully charged. Moreover, without the switch control, when the light is dim, the light is automatically turned on, and no wiring is needed. After being inserted into the ground, it can be used directly.

Highlight battery

Solar panels

NiMH batteries

Light switch

Stainless steel panel

Anti-stress PS mirror

Super waterproof

Manual switch

Multiple choices, same function

The only difference is the number of beads

Patch lamp beads

Solar panel

Anti-stress PS mirror

Stainless steel panel

Internal nickel-hydrogen battery

Internal waterproof sealing ring

power switch button

plastic rack

imported monocrystalline solar panels

0.16W imported monocrystalline silicon, photoelectric conversion rate of up to 17%, 2V solar panels can be fully charged in 4-6 hours under sufficient light, sustainable discharge for 6-10 hours.

High brightness LED patch light source

High-brightness LED lamp beads, uniform light, no weak light source, effective life of lamp beads up to 10 years, the use of high transmittance transparent PS mirror, built-in sealing rubber ring, can be waterproof and can increase the irradiation area.

Built-in nickel-hydrogen battery

The new polymer nickel-hydrogen battery has high energy density, large capacity, smaller size, ultra-thin, light weight, and high safety.

Stainless steel panel + PS mirror

Stainless steel + PP + PS plastic precision production, versatile, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, excellent performance.

Light control + wave on/off

One-button switch design, the button life is up to 100,000 times, to ensure normal use, light control switch.

The metal texture of the product, aluminum chrome metal lamp body is not afraid of wear, anti-corrosion, long life.

IP65 waterproof, plastic inserts, easy to install, open the switch in one step, directly buried in the ground, stable and safe.

Built-in silicone waterproof and dustproof, high-quality LED light source with PVC lampshade, fiber optic uniform texture.