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Outdoor Garden Lighting Solar Fence lights

Item No.: LUL-005
Material: ABS
Size: 120*120*63(mm)
Unit Price: 1.50USD/piece
Min.Order: 1000 piece
Supply: 10000 piece
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-08-07 13:31
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The Fence light Can be used for night lighting garden paths, multiple brightness versions make your garden look more spacious and warm, charging during the day (so make sure they can see the sky without interruption, not (s-hade), and after dusk Release its pent-up energy. They are easy to install and install in minutes.

Four characteristics of The Fence light:

Solar charging

Intelligent light control

IP44 waterproof

No wiring required

1. Solar charging starts from zero life

2. Intelligent light control switch does not require manual operation

3. IP44 protection, not afraid of wind and rain

4. It can be used for lighting without manual cable installation.

The Fence light with intelligent light control mode

Charging during the day

Automatically lit at night

The intelligent light control mode is charged in direct sunlight during the day and automatically lights up at night.

product details

45° display

Bottom display

Multi-function wall hanging, two-section pole

The link rod has high hardness, strong flexibility, and is not easy to break. It can be buckled and nailed, and various installation methods.

outdoor lighting

Environmental protection, energy saving, convenient lighting, easy installation, automatic lighting, zero electricity bill for the whole year.

The color temperature of the two sources can be selected

Warm white: color temperature is 3000K

Positive white light: color temperature is 6500K

The Fence light upgrade comparison Comparison of glume lamp upgrades

After upgrade

8 pieces of solar crystal silicon

4 pieces of solar crystal silicon

1. Half of solar crystal silicon wafer, conversion efficiency is 2 times higher

2. The battery capacity is larger, more energy is stored, and the lighting time is longer.

3. Lamps and feet are high in brightness

1. Solar crystal silicon wafer is small, low conversion efficiency

2. Low solar energy conversion efficiency, small battery capacity, short lighting period

3. Low brightness

The Fence light intelligent light control solar light

IP44 waterproof intelligent light control

Solar charging Intelligent light control IP44 waterproof No wiring required

Polysilicon panel

2V 160mA polysilicon solar panel with fast charging speed and high conversion

High brightness lamp beads

Light source: 3pcs highlight 10mm LED lamp beads

Mounting brackets

It can be installed in a fence or other places or screwed on it (deliver a full set of installation tools, you can install it by hand, no need to pull the cable)

1300mAh battery

Built-in 1.2V1300mAH NiMH battery, long battery life

Monocrystalline silicon solar panel

West can work well and can be charged in rainy days.

Installation component

A variety of mounting accessories for a variety of environments

High brightness LED lamp beads

3LED high-brightness lamp beads, illuminate the night

Wide range of illumination

Large angle and wide range illumination, long lighting time