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solar float Garden light

Item No.: LUL-006
Material: PC + ABS
Size: 148x148x33mm
Unit Price: 8.15USD/piece
Min.Order: 1000 piece
Supply: 10000 piece
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-09-03 14:15
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More features of solar float Garden light:

1. Float directly on the surface of the water.

Solar powered, no wiring

2. Beautiful colorful lights

PC lampshade soft lighting design makes the courtyard more warm

3. Rainproof and sun resistant

IP68 protection grade, waterproof and high temperature resistant

Intelligent solar float Garden light control induction, automatic charging during the day, automatic lighting at night

Turn on the switch during the day (not bright under strong light). The solar panel absorbs light energy. In the battery, the surrounding area is automatically lit up, which opens a warm and romantic journey.

A variety of poses make the courtyard unique. Originated from the design of nature.

RGBW solar float Garden light are charged by solar cells and do not require an external power source. Under the control of light control, the daytime charging lamps are automatically turned off, and the lamps are automatically turned on at night. It can be controlled by the remote control of the luminaire to achieve brightness adjustment and color change.

Basic functions of the remote control solar float Garden light:

1. Using 24-key RF wireless remote control, the working frequency range is 433.92MHZ. It is used to control various lamps with LED as the light source. Easy to use, the luminaire can be adjusted by the remote control, static color selection and various dynamic lighting changes. (It is recommended that each remote control only control up to 10 products).

2. With 24-key control, with memory storage.

Weight: 365g

Size: 148*148*33mm

LED light: 12+12pcs (white + lantern)

Battery: 1000mAh lithium battery

Charging method: solar energy

Charging time: 5-6h

Lighting time: >12hs

Lighting angle: 360°

Material: PC+ABS

Waterproof rating: IP68

Switch: manual button / remote control

Functional disassembly:

PC lamp cover, switch ON/OFF (short press start, long press off), solar panel, LED lamp bead (12 white + 12 colors)

Wafer of solar float Garden light

Our silicon wafers are used at a standard of 4.3 or higher, and some manufacturers use 3.99 or 3.7 or so. Inefficient film, not only the conversion rate is not enough, but also the charging efficiency is low.

Shade of solar float Garden light

Our lampshade uses a PC lampshade. The product is light and non-fragile. It has good light transmission and does not hurt the eyes. It has strong anti-aging properties and is protected from damage by waterproof and fireproof lamp beads.

Lamp beads of solar float Garden light

The light decay is small. After the LED works, the 20MA is continuously lit continuously, and the brightness will gradually increase to about 1500 hours. The brightness is increased by 12%, 100,000 hours, and the light decay is less than 25%.

Quality assurance of solar float Garden light:

The entire production process is strictly required, and each lamp is produced through layer-level checkpoints. With the emphasis on rigorous process, the final quality inspection will ensure that each product has quality assurance.

Compact and portable design, easy to operate

Activate the switch: After receiving the goods, please unpack and find the bottom of the solar light. There is a push-type switch. Press the switch lightly to make the light open (if you press and hold the switch, it will be light-free. Constant light mode).

Test lighting: After the switch is turned on, block the solar panel above (or the solar panel facing down to make the lamp in the dark), the light will be on (the light has a light, the light is not bright, the light is bright, If you find that the light is off, it may be that the switch is not in place. Try pressing the switch to turn it off and then turn it on again.

Lighting instructions: After starting to use, place the solar panel up in the direct place (to ensure normal absorption of sunlight), and then use it during the day and night. The brightness and color of the light can be adjusted by remote control during use, and the remote control switch light can also be used. The color of the light after the solar light is turned on again depends on the color of the light when it was last turned off.