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LED Foam Hand Throwing Airplane

Item No.: FN-040
Material: foam
Size: 480*480mm/370*370mm
Unit Price: 0.28USD/piece
Min.Order: 3000 piece
Supply: 1000000 piece
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-09-03 14:36
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LED Foam Hand Throwing Airplane

The foam airplane adopts the principle of aerodynamics, imitating the equivalent shape of the shark fins and the upper wing, reasonable aerodynamics, and flying far. The foam airplane has two types of light and no light, which is very suitable for children's parks. It is a new type of children's toy that integrates entertainment, puzzle, parenting and fitness.

Mode one

Parallel mode: loading the lower tail hole can fly straight

Mode two

Cyclotron mode: Install the upper tail hole for straight flight

Thick material:

Thicken the body strength and enhance crashworthiness

Gameplay upgrade:

Enhanced rotation, parallel mode

Balanced marbles:

Configure balanced marbles to increase aircraft stability

Radial head:

The head is configured in an arc to greatly reduce the impact of the impact when landing.

Parallel mode

Rotation mode

Large glider

Large glider: The tail has two holes for free assembly of parallel mode, flip mode

Small glider

A single hole in the tail can be assembled in parallel mode

Product installation of foam airplane:

1. Open the backpack and get ready for the accessories

2. Pass the middle wing through the fuselage mouth, wear it to the middle, and keep it balanced.

3. Let the tail pass through the wing and wear it to the middle to keep it balanced.

The foam airplane is a high-quality EPP material hand throwing glider that has good impact resistance in normal use.

The foam airplane is made of environmentally friendly materials and quality assurance. Use raw material primary color, no spray paint, no smell, play with zero worry.

The material of the foam airplane can be bent freely, is not easy to fold, is not easy to break, and is strong and resistant to play.