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Clear LED hexagon shape acrylic light Coaster

Item No.: GFE-0709
Material: acrylic
Size: diameter 13cm, thickness 3mm
Unit Price: 0.75USD/piece
Min.Order: 1000 piece
Supply: 10000 piece
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-10-14 17:11
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Clear LED hexagon shape acrylic light Coaster

Use size: diameter 13cm, thickness 3mm

Product weight: 45g

Power supply: 2 CR1220 button batteries

Light-emitting mode: fast flashing - slow flashing - long bright - red light flashing - green light flashing - blue light flashing - extinguishing

Product packaging: opp packaging, one product into an opp, 360 into a carton

Outer box gauge: 40*28*20cm

Net weight: 14.5/15.5kg


Long lasting battery: built-in two CR1220 button batteries for long-lasting battery life

LED lamp beads: There are 6 high-brightness LED lights inside, featuring low energy consumption and long life.

Acrylic anti-drop material, ultra-thin crystal brightness LED light coaster, white has three lighting modes, color is flashing mode.

The push button switch is an electronic component that can manually adjust the flash speed.

Acrylic ultra-thin cocktail light coaster, free wiring, long battery life, tight waterproof design, safe and no leakage.

1. The transparent part of the coaster is made of acrylic material, with high transparency, strong light guiding property and easy cutting. Different shapes and different specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

2. The light color of the light has a monochrome light and a colorful light. The monochrome light is usually a three-segment flash, which can be switched by the button to flash quickly.

3. There is ON/OFF mark on the bottom of the coaster. If you need to customize the LOGO, you can also remove the logo and directly change to the corporate LOGO.

4. LED lights are usually 4 or 6 patch lights, you can also customize 2 or more according to requirements.

Simple shape and wide range of uses

Generally used in bars, hotels, restaurants, cafes and other public dining and entertainment venues, can be used as advertising accessories to enhance the image. In addition, the colors are bright and bright, more prominent, and closer to people's lives.

Friends gathering atmosphere lights, making the atmosphere more intense, playing more exciting, seven-color transformation.

Easy to switch, strong wear resistance, strong and practical, long-lasting color.

Light and translucent: The product is made of acrylic material, which is very light and light.

Rich colors: a coaster, colorful colors make the atmosphere better.

Ultra-thin LED light-emitting coaster, the colorful automatic conversion light-emitting principle is RGB (red, green, blue) seven-color circular flash, fashionable and more high-end atmosphere.

Bright color glow: multi-color flashing

White three modes: flash, slow flash, constant light mode

The ultra-thin acrylic coaster can be printed with engraving logo/text/or pattern.