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Customized size waterfall LED Copper Wire Curtain Light

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Customized size waterfall LED Copper Wire Curtain Light

Copper curtain light, using waterproof potting lamp beads, high brightness and long life. Moreover, the curtain light has a simple structure and is easy to use, and 8 kinds of flash modes can be adjusted remotely. The product is waterproof and can be used indoors or outdoors. It is suitable for Christmas, New Year and any holiday decoration.

Product uses USB socket

Plug-in charging treasure computer usb port mobile phone charger and other usb socket

Can be turned on for 8 hours, closed for 16 hours

Can adjust the brightness of the light, more suitable for various scenes

Adjustable 7 flashing modes

Product advantages:

1. Small size, light weight, saving courier costs and air transportation.

2. The curtain light product has a simple structure and is convenient to use.

3. This product selects copper wire lamp as the lighting unit. The copper wire lamp has the characteristics of high waterproof level and easy shape of the lamp.

4. This product is highly mechanized and uses 5V safe voltage, which is safe and reliable.

Copper wire beads: waterproof potting lamp beads, high brightness. The cold light source emits light and has a long life and durability. The warm lighting gives a romantic feeling.

The cylinder is completely filled with glue and waterproof material, sandwiched in the middle. waterproof.

The tinned wire is tinned and thickened.

The filling is filled with a plastic sandwich that is resistant to breakage and is not easily broken.

USB: Transparent USB, blue button, need to connect the data cable and plug.

Remote control: With a remote control with a light, you can switch between 8 flash modes and change the mode remotely.

Waterproof: The lamp is highly water resistant and remains in a high position in the water.

Waterproof protection: leaking water and placing lanterns, don't worry about rain,

Copper curtain light

Convenient, lightweight, small size and light weight

Small lamp beads, high brightness

Conventional LED curtain light

Big and heavy

Conventional LED, headlight beads