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Birch With LED Light

Brand: gmtlight
Power: 20W
High: 150cm
Number of LED bulbs: 152pcs
Unit Price: 19.15USD/pc
Min.Order: 200 pc
Supply: 2000 pc
Delivery: Shipment within 10 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-11-13 11:53
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When it comes to birch, we have to talk about "birch skin culture". which is connected with the creation of LED light Birth.

led light birch

about 3000 years ago, in the bronze age, in the Far East, Siberia had a large-scale cultural circle, covering today's Northeast China, Korean Peninsula, Russian Far East, Siberia and other places. This cultural circle belongs to different ethnic groups, with different cultural traditions of livelihood mode, but they have a common feature, birch as a mascot, The use of birch bark made of utensils, small to contain food utensils, hunting tools, large ships, scholars call this special culture "birch bark culture".

The birch blooms before the leaves on the tree come out in spring. The fruit of birch is flat and small. It is easy to be blown by the wind and spread to the distance, and new birch will take root and grow.

Betula platyphylla likes sunshine and has strong vitality. After the forest burned down by fire, the first growth is often Betula platyphylla, which often forms a large area of Betula platyphylla forest. It is one of the main tree species to form natural forest.

When you approach the birch forest and see the white birch bark, the bad mood disappears immediately. So birch is also one of the founders of good mood.

Birch is full of treasure. Its wood can be used for general buildings, craftsmen and utensils. Its bark can lift birch oil. Birch trees are planted in gardens, parks, lawns, pools, lakesides or roadsides.

On the grassland, in the forest and beside the mountain road, it is easy to find the dense birch forest.

led light birch

Because of the unique culture of white birch, gmtlight uses recyclable plastics as raw materials, imitates the shape and characteristics of white birch, and makes white birch with different heights of LED lights. As an indoor and outdoor decoration, gmtlight is so harmonious and natural.

Branches can be twisted at will for LED light Birch

Slow down and enjoy life

North European Styles Of Birch With LED Light in conner

LED light of Birch when working

Bottom screw of Birch With LED Light which is steady for any plain places

some decoration can be put on the LED light Birch

packing sizes for Branches for LED light Birch

Branches can be twisted at will for LED light Birch when using it for standing