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New Creative Magic gift battery power LED luminous yo-yo

Item No.: YY-003
Material: ABS
Size: 30 * 7 * 5CM
Unit Price: 0.42USD/piece
Min.Order: 3000 piece
Supply: 100000 piece
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-12-12 17:47
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New Creative Magic gift battery power LED luminous yo-yo

The LED gyro ball is a hot cartoon toy nowadays, so that children can enjoy the endless fun brought to them by anime toys while enjoying their happiness.

[Size]: 30 * 7 * 5CM

[Material]: plastic metal electronics

[Color]: random pattern color

[Power]: Electronics (5 AG10 electronics)

[Packing]: OPP

[Weight]: 88g

[Box gauge]: 280pcs / ctn

The LED gyro ball is novel and strange, with exquisite thinking. Putting a spinning wheel-like gyro on a metal shelf will automatically emit colored lights; constantly changing the state of the hand-held stand, vertical, upright, side-to-side, flat, upside-down, the light wheel can be kept at any angle Will fall.

The wheel runs freely on the track, rolls, and reaches a certain terminal, it will automatically rotate to the bottom of the shelf to continue rotating forward;

When the wheel leaves the bracket, the dazzling light will automatically turn off

How to use The LED gyro ball:

Put the gyro on the horizontal rail, and let the gyro slide up on the rail. Let the gyro roll and reach a certain speed, and the gyro will emit colorful glare on its own.

If the LED gyro flash function is not turned on, you need to increase the rotation speed of the scroll wheel and increase the centrifugal force to enable the lights to start.

Swing the wheel towards 90 degrees horizontally. When the gyro has enough turn, put the gyro to the ground, the gyro will rotate at high speed on the ground, and it has magical colorful lighting effects. The roller can catch the spinning top and continue to rotate at high speed. The gyro has more fun on the wheel.