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Color Is Not Different From Emptiness, Emptiness Is Not Different From Color
2019-06-11 10:55:04     wang@gmtlight.com

There is a saying in the Buddhist Sutra of Mind that color is not different from emptiness, emptiness is not different from color, which is very reasonable. Many times what we see is not necessarily real, what we see is the surface, and then form our own understanding of things, which is a kind of representation. You don't know what the real meaning is.

luminous rodluminous rod

In winter, the frozen lake. You see the lake like a mirror. It's hard to imagine the lake bottom at this time. There are many fish and living creatures. They are looking for food and entertainment.

luminous rod

A fluorescent rod, also known as a luminous rod, a glow stick,when you get it, you see a plastic rod. If you look closely, there is a liquid in it, that's all.

In fact, a light-emitting rod or a glow stick has about fourteen chemicals that can't be mixed together, isolated by a fully enclosed glass tube.
luminous rod

When you bend a glow stick, it glows. What you see is light. It's hard to imagine that there is already a complex chemical reaction, the conversion of chemical energy and light energy.

luminous rod

A beautiful woman, the first thing you see is his figure and beautiful face. But you can't understand her inner world. Maybe her inner world is dirty, despicable and shameless. You can't see it.

luminous rod

A light-emitting rod, at first glance you think it is a plastic rod. Did you ever think that it brings us light like the sun?

Therefore, the wise man said that everything has both positive and negative sides. To understand a thing correctly, we can not draw a simple conclusion. Be tolerant of the world. (supplied and written by gmtlight)








所以,智者说,事物都有正反两面性,要正确理解一个事物,不能简单下结论。要包容地去接纳这个世界。(supplied and written by gmtlight)

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