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Noctilucent signs:energy saving and environmental protection
2019-03-18 11:35:50     wang@gmtlight.com

[gmtlight news] Noctilucent signs are used in many occasions at night, energy saving and environmental protection.it is a kind of hard film plate coated with new luminescent material. 

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Noctilucent signs belongs to low-level display light source plate. The luminescent sign not only has the function of ordinary sign, but also has excellent emergency self-luminescent function. Screen printing technology can be used to produce various types of images or content. This series of products have the function of lamp box sign without any power supply device. It can absorb visible light for 5-10 minutes and glow in the dark for more than 12 hours. It is safe and durable. It can show its excellent and unique self-luminous function in emergency situations. The luminous signs of the Night Bright Brand have all kinds of indicative graphics and sizes that conform to international standards. They can be processed and customized according to customers'requirements. Its luminous brightness and luminous time have been tested by the Chinese Academy of Metrology; the luminous brightness exceeds the Japanese standard: "JISZ9100-1998 Luminescent Safety Marking Board" with an initial brightness of 5-40 times, and the afterglow effect far exceeds the highest standard of DIN67510 PART1. At present, the company's luminous signs have been sold to more than ten countries and are well received by customers.

Product characteristics

1. Non-toxic, harmless and non-radioactive materials

2. Absorbing speed is fast, luminous brightness is strong, afterglow time is long, service life is long.

Noctilucent signs:energy saving and environmental protection

3. Installation and construction cost is low

4. Without any power supply, it is an energy-saving and environmental protection product.

5. It covers a wide range of applications.

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