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WiFi intelligent dimming switch

intelligent dimming switch

WiFi dimming switch Alexa intelligent voice control app remote control intelligent switch; Amazon Alexa, Google assistant, apple Siri, homekit voice control dimming switch series

Characteristics of WiFi intelligent dimming switch

1. WiFi intelligent dimming, supporting Alexa, Google home voice dimming;

2. WiFi wireless intelligent switch can be connected to the local 2.4G router to realize networking, without outsourcing equipment such as central control host;

3. The bottom box is made of ABS V0 class fireproof material, and the touch panel is made of toughened glass, with thickness of 3mm and first-class quality.

4. The ultra wide voltage input and output can support the voltage range of 90v-250v, and the zero fire two-wire wiring is safer;

5. Amazon Alexa, Google home voice control and Siri voice control are supported;

6. App supports 22 languages in the world, including simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, etc.

7. There are American, European, British / Australian / national standards and other global mainstream specifications for selection;

8. Integration of sales, after-sales and technical consultation

9. Neutral delivery, OEM customization and other diversified cooperation modes;

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wifi调光开关Alexa智能语音控制App远程控制智能开关;亚马逊Alexa,Google Assistant,苹果Siri, HomeKit语音控制调光开关美规系列


1. WiFi智能调光,支持alexa,Google home 语音调光;


3 底盒为ABS V0级别防火材料,触摸面板为钢化玻璃,厚度3mm,一流品质

4. 超宽电压输入输出,可支持90V-250V的电压范围,以零火双线接线更安全;

5. 已支持Amazon Alexa以及Google Home语音控制,支持苹果SIRI语音控制;


7. 有美规,欧规,英规/澳规/国标等全球主流规格供选择;

8. 销售与售后,技术咨询一体化

9. 中性出货,以及OEM定制等多样化合作模式;

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