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15W wireless phone charger disinfection box (20pcs/ctn)

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Updated: 2020-09-17
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15W wireless phone charger disinfection box (20pcs/ctn)

- Item No.: LUL-B11W

- Material: ABS + Mirror

- Size: 185*100*50mm

- Weight: 350g/pc

- Body color: Creamy white

- Power: 15W/10W/7.5W/5W

- Power supply: USB cable

- Interface: Type-C

- Lamp power: 96mW

- Lamp wavelength: 265nm

- Input: 12V/2A; 9V/2A

- Charging interface: PD/QC/AFC/18WPD

The use of alcohol to kill bacteria can not completely kill the bacteria hidden in the goods, and it is easy to cause the use of goods failure. This disinfection box provides a full range of UV-C disinfection, which can thoroughly disinfect small items such as mobile phones, bracelets, earphones, eyes, keys, cosmetics and so on, so as to better protect your health.

Germs are invisible to the naked eye and always appear around us. If you want to keep your body away from germs, you should start from the items you use. This disinfection box can remove more than 99% of the bacteria. Its size is designed to be very reasonable and convenient for us to carry. Six led beads provide high-density ultraviolet light to kill bacteria. We use high-quality lamp beads to make the product have a longer service life.