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LED light transparent umbrella

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Updated: 2020-07-19
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Company Details

LED light umbrella for advertisement

Product concept: umbrella is not only the function of light and rain protection, but also can be used as decoration, LED light umbrella, using high-quality Poe transparent material, colorful luminous umbrella is so eye-catching at night. Performance props, outdoor entertainment, night activities.

Umbrella material: thickened Poe transparent cloth thickness 0.8mm

Umbrella bone material: high strength fiber

Umbrella handle material: ABS

Umbrella specification: 58.5cm * 8, total length: 81cm, bracket length: 58cm, weight: 510g

Material profile: 10 mm electro zinc steel medium rod, white fiber + acrylic bracket

Umbrella style: long handle umbrella

Function: seven color light for both rain and sunshine, available day and night

Applicable gender: male and female


Protection: rain proof

Packaging: OPP (standard)

Logo printing: multi color logo printing.

Gmtlight's evaluation of LED light umbrella:

This is a shining umbrella at night, which can be used in various occasions, performance props, advertising, rainproof and multi-functional. It is an umbrella that can bring light and happiness.