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Smart inductive cycling brake lamp (50pcs/lot)

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Smart inductive cycling brake lamp (No.BLD25) - 50pcs/lot

- Item No.: BLD25

- Size: 37*55cm

- Material: Aluminum alloy for shell

- Body color: Black

- Number of LED: 24 LED

- Color of LED: Red

- Function: Auto / Manual

- Light mode: 6 modes

- Power supply: USB rechargeable

- Battery: 350mAh

- Luminous angle: 220°

- Brightness: 20LM

- Protection grade: IPX6

- Visible distance: >500M

- Packing: 1 pc/box; 100 pcs/ctn; 40*26*37cm; 8/7KG

This bicycle signal lamp uses USB charging, and a 350mah battery is built in. once fully charged, we can use it for at least 17 hours. Of course, this is in constant mode. If you switch the light mode to flash mode or energy-saving flash mode, the tail light may last more than 30 hours.

A new type of optical lens is installed in the interior of the bicycle lamp, so that the direction of the light is more concentrated and can be more accurately transmitted to the vehicle behind. It is particularly important for the car behind to find you in the dark as soon as possible.

Not only that, its intelligent sensing function is an important feature, through the speed and vibration sensing, when you brake, the tail light will automatically light up. When it's switched to automatic mode, you don't have to worry about it. There are six different modes of lighting, which are normally on, breathing effect, slow flashing, fast flashing, rhythmic flashing and energy-saving flash mode. These different lights can be cycled to meet the lighting effect requirements of different people in different riding environments.

Turn the waterproof screw button in the middle of the wheel lamp to find the USB charging port and switch button. At this time, you will find that the switch has two gears: automatic mode and manual mode. These two kinds of switches have the six kinds of lighting effects mentioned above, so that the tedious work of screwing off the screw button every time is avoided.

The waterproof grade of the whole tail lamp is IPX6, and the main part of the shell is made of treated aluminum alloy. The product is small in size and simple in appearance. It can be used normally even in rainy days (the product cannot be immersed in water for a long time). The retractable quick release and quick installation silicone fixing belt is located at the tail of the whole product, so that you don't have to spend too much time installing the product.

When the tail lamp senses the bicycle brake, the light signal will automatically enter the high brightness mode of 5 seconds to warn the rear vehicle to control the speed and maintain a safe distance.

In fact, this small signal light can not only be used on bicycles, but also can be used in backpacks and other outdoor occasions as a safety indicator to provide us with safety at night.