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Brake inductive auto flashing bicycle rear lamp (50pcs/lot)

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Brake inductive auto flashing bicycle rear lamp (50pcs/lot)

- Item No.: BLD43

- Size: Dia.33*51mm

- Material: Aluminum alloy+ABS+PC

- Brightness: 60lm

- Number of LED: 20 LED

- LED color: Red

- Power supply: USB rechargeable

- Battery: 350mAh

- Irradiation distance: >500 meters

- Light angle: 220°

- Waterproof grade: IPX6

- Installation position: Seat rod / Saddle

- Function control: Manual / Auto

- Light mode: Steady light/Breath effect/Slow flashing/Fast flashing/Rhythmic flashing/ECO mode

Special optical lens design, the light emitted from the product becomes soft, will not let the people behind feel dazzling. The special design of the lamp can not only make the bicycle light more clear, but also avoid the confusion of other lights when riding at night.


- Special optical design lampshade

- Brake sensing

- Automatic switch

- IPX6 waterproof

- USB charging

- 6 light modes

- Long endurance

- Two installation options

The size of the lamp body is small, and the brightness is 1.5 times of that of other products using the same led.

The built-in brake sensor is accurate and fast, which can effectively filter out the signal interference caused by bumps when riding.

USB interface charging: convenient and durable, built-in 350mah rechargeable battery, the longest cycle time of this bicycle lamp can reach about 54 hours. When the power is less than 20%, the green indicator light flashes to indicate that the product needs to be charged. At this time, the bicycle lamp can be charged by charger, charging bank, computer and car charger.

The newly upgraded circuit board makes the product last for a long time: it can work about 17 hours in constant mode, 20 hours in breathing light mode, 28 hours in slow flashing mode, and 30 hours in fast flash and rhythm mode. If eco mode is used, the bicycle lamp can even work for about 54 hours.

The lamp can be installed on the bicycle frame with a special strap. First, install the strap and base, and then install the lamp on the base. Press the switch button in the middle of the lamp, and then you can start to use this bicycle light with ease.

Another installation method is to install the lamp on the saddle, only need to use special accessories, install the product on the saddle bracket, and then fix it with tie.