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strong & traceless nano double-sided adhesive tape (500pcs/lot)

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Updated: 2020-07-27
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Company Details

Nano strong, transparent and traceless double-sided adhesive,with 3m in length per roll,500 rolls per packing carton box.

Product overview: nano materials, clean and transparent, non polluting, strong and firm, are necessary for daily life.

Product Name: nano scratch free tape grip tape

Product features: no trace paste, strong paste force, double-sided movable, repeated paste, environmental protection and non-toxic

Product color: transparent


Product specification:

Thickness: 1mm, width: 30mm, length:2m

Weight of double-sided tape:

3m / 92g;

Product function description:

Grip tape nano traceless paste, paste photos and posters, fix carpet mat,

Sorting and storage of articles, antiskid furniture, etc. Closely related to life,

You can attach objects to walls, cell phones or tablets to any surface,

Or paste other items anywhere.

Gmtlight's comments on nano double-sided adhesive:

Nano adsorption, strong viscosity, full toughness, transparent and soft, does not damage the attached surface, tear without leaving traces of glue, can be washed and dried, repeated use, multi-purpose.

Note: the white ash peeling off the poor wall surface, oil / water stain peeling off the cover can not be used.