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Multi-functional anion purifier smoking ashtray (4pcs/lot)

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Company Details

Multi-functional anion purifier smoking ashtray (4pcs/lot)

- Size: 153.5x153.5x75mm

- Voltage: 5V

- Negative ion solubility: >8000000/cm3

- Power: 5W

- Material: ABS(purifier)+ metal(ashtray cylinder, aluminum alloy)

- Color: Black

- Function: In addition to formaldehyde

- Power supply method: USB, DC12V, AC

- Rated frequency: 50Hz

- Application: Indoor room

- Control method: Button switch control

- Use area: about 10㎡

- Filter type: Separate filter

- Working principle: Negative ion

- Air purifier air volume: 50m3 / hour

- Noise: 35 (dB)

- LOGO printing: Available

Not only an ashtray but also an air purifier good for smoking.

Use it to reduce the hazards of second-hand smoke and protect family health.

According to statistics from an organization, the current total number of smokers in the world has exceeded 1 billion, and this number is still increasing.

With the progress of society, smoking is banned in more and more public places. This is very helpful to people's public life health. But the relatively private environment at home or office has become second-hand Smoke-stricken areas. The hazards of smoking will not be repeated here, and even smokers are well aware of these hazards. So how to reduce the impact of second-hand smoke on family life becomes very important.

Here we have prepared a product specifically for smokers, it has the following characteristics:

1- Can remove the second-hand smoke indoors in time

2- Simple operation, removable and easy to clean

3- In addition to removing second-hand smoke, it can also purify the surrounding air

4- Built-in rechargeable battery, more convenient for mobile use

5- Stylish and concise design

6- Built-in silent turbo fan, two-speed adjustable wind speed

Multi-functional purifier to keep family away from second-hand smoke

-Defeat the smoke hurts to your family and friends

-Not affect the happy atmosphere because of your smoking

Generous & concise design

-Its appearance makes it look more than just an ashtray

-Multi-process, made with strict processing

-CNC integrated molding, after sandblasting and oxidation treatment, keep the appearance of the product difficult to change

Built-in lithium battery, more convenient for mobile use

-Built-in 4000mAh lithium battery

-USB charging, safer and more convenient to use

Powerful turbo fan

-Low working noise

-High wind force and good suction effect

Strictly control each production process to ensure stable product quality

-Easy to disassemble and easy to clean

-The metal casing can be taken out for independent cleaning

-Simple and convenient filter replacement

-The product consists of ashtray, ashtray fixing frame, flame retardant filter, filter fixing frame and main body