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anion air purifier for toilet deodorization (1pack=96pcs=USD288)

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Brand: gmtlight
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Updated: 2020-07-31
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Company Details

Toilet deodorization anion air purifier, 96pcs per pack, 99.9% effective.

Item No gmtlighttd~001

1. Product features: using the principle of negative ion air purification, the odor of the toilet can be quickly and effectively removed, and the fresh air environment can be maintained.

2. Easy to install, plug and play. There are American and European plug standards.

3. Strong deodorization function, can meet the use of 40 square meters of space.

4. Small product, space saving. 13.1 cm * 8.1 cm * 7.1 cm

5. Negative ion quantity: 5 million negative ions surround and release

6. Other effects: smoke removal, formaldehyde removal

7. Product material: Industrial ABS


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