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rechargeable foldable color changeable led book light lamp (1pack=30pcs)

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From the grant 2-5pack 6-10pack 10pack the above
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Brand: gmtlight
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Updated: 2020-08-02
color surface:
  • white maple
  • red walnut
  • black walnut
led color:
  • red
  • blue
  • yellow
  • green
  • warm white
  • white
  • changing color
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Company Details

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Foldable,rechargeable,color changeable led Book Light lamp,30pcs/pack

Rechargeable, foldable 5-color led Book Light

Product features: each fold led changes color

Rechargeable battery capacity: 2000mAh

Rated voltage: 3.7V

Cover material: PU leather

Rated power: 4.5 V

Working current: 500mA


Charging voltage: DC5V

Brightness: 350 lumens

Number of folded pages: 35

Page material: high quality kraft paper

Writing magnet: N25 powerful magnet

Color: white maple, red walnut, black walnut

Accessories: USB charging cable

Logo: it can be printed

Single gross weight: 510g

Product features: simple, environmental friendly, easy to carry, hot sale, new style, creativity, gift, turn page, folding, wood appearance, book light, customization, USB charging, night light, led Book Light


A set of products includes: 1 manual, 1 certificate, 1 USB data line with a length of 1 meter, 1 book light and 1 neutral packing box.

Luminous color function description: turn on and change one color at a time, 3 colors, 4 colors and 5 colors in total, intelligent and automatic change in turn. It can also be used as night light and eye protection lighting.

Customized note of Book Light: Book light cover, light color and inner page can be customized

Cover customization process: fully support all kinds of logo screen printing, pad printing and radium carving.

Product certification: CE FCC RoHS, battery can pass KC certification

Product parameters:

Rated power: 2.5W

Battery capacity: polymer battery 3.7v/2000mah

Charging time: 3-4 hours

Working time: 5-6 hours

External input: DC5V / 1a, USB power supply

Light brightness: 350 lumens

Page material: imported white cowhide paper

Written material: PU leather

Written magnet: N25 strong magnet

Moderate space: living room / bedroom bedside / study light

Comments on LED book light by gmtlight:

With the progress of human civilization, reading a good book may benefit a lifetime. Of course, this is not a book, this is just a LED rechargeable lamp, but it will bring you the feeling of reading.