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Gmtlight regards "pursuing a better living environment" as one of the development concepts of the enterprise, and integrates the concept of environmental protection into the products.

According to the environmental protection law of the people's Republic of China, the content of environmental protection includes the protection of the natural environment and the prevention and control of pollution. That is to say, we should use the theories and methods of modern environmental science, understand and master the causes and hazards of pollution and damage while making better use of resources, protect the environment in a planned way, restore the ecology, prevent the deterioration of environmental quality, control environmental pollution, and promote the coordinated development of human beings and the environment. Every employee of gmtlight is responsible.

We should make the environment more suitable for the needs of human work and labor. This involves all aspects of people's clothing, food, housing, transportation and entertainment, which should meet the requirements of science, health and green environment.

Everyone on the earth has the obligation to protect the earth and the right to enjoy everything on the earth. The oceans, mountains and forests are all natural and should be loved by everyone.

In order to prevent the deterioration of the natural environment, the protection of mountains, green water, blue sky, sea and jungle is very important. This involves not mining or felling trees without permission, minimizing the random discharge (sewage) and random release (sewage gas), not overgrazing, not over opening up wasteland, not over developing natural resources, not destroying the ecological balance of nature, etc. 

For gmtlight, there should be strict rules and procedures for sewage treatment, air discharge and waste treatment in the production process to prevent secondary pollution. Every employee should establish the awareness of protecting the natural environment.

As employees of gmtlight, our strict control over the production and living environment is to indirectly or directly protect the natural environment and protect ourselves.

Environmental problem is one of the most serious challenges facing China in the 21st century. Environmental protection is to ensure long-term stable economic growth and realize sustainable development of human social interests. It is the basic responsibility and obligation of every company and every person to provide a good resource and environment foundation for the social and economic development, so that all people can get clean atmosphere, healthy drinking water and safe food.

Take good care of the environment, start from small things, from every link of the workshop, from a screw.

We believe that our earth will be better and better!