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Golden Flash Group Ltd(gmtlight HK)

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Office of GMTLIGHT(Beijing)

Tel: 0086 10 69254303 Fax: 0086 10 69264108

Email(business): sales@gmtlight.com   

Email of after-sales: gao@gmtlight.com guo@gmtlight.com  

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Call for Non-working hours:(86)13621016989

Address: Qingchengmingyuan, Building C,Daxing,Beijing, China


All orders must be confirmed through sales@gmtlight.com or  XXX@gmtlight.com. 

Orders that are not confirmed through official mailboxes may be at risk.

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Ms GuoMr Wang
Mr HopeLocations

Remarks:Some of the products are cooperated with factories in Chinese mainland and production to be arranged according to gmtlight standards. Pictures and patents have been agreed normally, If you find some item is concerned with your patent, Please contact us immediatly.