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Social Responsibility

Gmtlight's Statement Of Social Responsibility

for processing assembly workshop and relevant parts & accessories suppliers:

*No child labor: businesses cannot support the use of child labor. The Sai, social responsibility international, defines child labor as "Employees under the age of 16, except for the minimum working age which is restricted by local law."

*No forced labor: Enterprises cannot force employees to work which they dont want to do.

*Working environment health and safety: The enterprise must provide all the employees with a safe and healthy working environment.

*Encourage employees to join guild organizations: Enterprises must respect the right of employees to freely establish and join a trade union organization for collective negotiation.

*Anti industry discrimination: Gmtlight shall not implement or support discrimination based on race, social class, nationality, religious belief, physical disability, gender, sexual orientation, trade union membership, political affiliation or age when it comes to employment, salary level, vocational training, job promotion, termination of labor contract and retirement policy.

*Prohibition of disciplinary measures: The enterprise shall not implement or support the use of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, verbal attack and other disciplinary acts.

*Working hours: GMTLIGHT must comply with applicable laws and industry norms in working and rest time.

*Salary level: Gmtlight must guarantee to pay the standard working week salary according to the basic legal or industrial standards.

*Management system: Establish corporate policies for social responsibility and labor rights and interests, ensure compliance with all relevant national standards and other applicable laws by provisions.

*Anti terrorism: There should be not only corresponding procedures for the flow of people and goods, but also corresponding operation records.