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Located in a park on the northern outskirts of Brussels, the Atomic Tower was designed to magnify the model of iron molecule by 165.
Billions of times. The tower body is a cube of nine huge metal spheres connected by thick steel tubes. Eight spheres of the atomic tower are located at eight corners of the cube, and the other sphere is located at the center of the cube. The diameter of the sphere is 18 meters. Each connecting steel pipe between the spheres is 26 meters long, 3 meters in diameter, 102 meters high and the total weight of the building is 2200 tons. The Atomic Tower was designed for the Belgian World Expo in 1958. It was originally planned to remain for only six months, but later became a landmark building in Brussels. Visitors can take the elevator to the top ball revolving restaurant 100 meters above the ground and enjoy the scenery of Brussels while eating.
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