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The word cocktail is the tail of a cocktail. Do you know the cocktail story?
Cocktails In 1777, Betsy Flanagan invented the American-style "cocktails". Cocktails originated in a cocktail feather-decorated pub in Elmsford, New York, in 1776. One day, when all kinds of liquor were almost sold out in the pub, some officers came in to buy drinks. A waitress named Betsy Flanagan poured all the leftovers into a large container and whipped a feather from a big cock to serve the guests. When the officers looked at the wine's fineness and could not taste what it was, they asked Betsy, who answered casually, "This is a cocktail!" An officer listened to the word, gladly raised his glass to toast, and shouted, "Long live the cocktail!" Since then, it has the name of "cocktail". This is a recognized origin in the Americas.
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