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China still has a long way to go with the World Cup. There is a big gap between China and the World Cup.
FIFA World Cup (FIFA World Cup) refers to the World Cup. It is a football match with the highest honor and the greatest popularity and influence in the football world. The audience of the World Cup is over 3.5 billion.
The World Cup is the most sacred glory that every country in the world longs for in the field of football. It is also the ultimate dream of all football players in every country (or region). The World Cup is held every four years, and any FIFA member country (region) can send a team to participate in the event.
Because of the popularity of the theme song of the 1998 World Cup and its great influence in the football field for a long time, it is known as the "Cup of Life". Brazil is the team that won the most honors, winning five World Cup Championships and retaining the former World Cup Remitter Cup permanently after winning three World Cups. England, the birthplace of football, won the first World Cup in 1966. Now the World Cup trophy is the Great God Cup. Germany, which won four World Cup championships, first won the Cup in 1974 and has been in use since then. The world's most populous country: China was first promoted to the 17th World Cup finals in 2002.
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