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Chongli Skiing
The Chongli Skiing Ground usually snows from October to May every year. In some years, snowflakes even float in the mountains at the end of September or the beginning of June. The snow here lasts a long time, covering the mountain forest with snow from the end of October to the middle of April the next year. The winter skiing resources here are beyond the reach of other scenic spots. It is only 249 kilometers away from Beijing and can be driven for 3 hours. Compared with the surrounding areas of Beijing, Chongli's natural snow has unique advantages. It gives ski enthusiasts a refreshing feeling. Now Chongli County has built the Wanlong Skiing Ground, Duomedi Skiing Ground, Great Wall Ridge Skiing Ground, Yunding Paradise Skiing Ground and the Four Big Skiing Grounds. Every winter, a large number of ski enthusiasts from all over the country come to Chongli to share the ice and snow feast.
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