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Of all the matches, I appreciate the English Football Premier League more. On July 17, 1991, an agreement was signed by 17 top clubs in England, which became the basis for the formation of the Premier League. The new top league will operate independently of the FA and the Football League, and the Premier League itself will have the right to negotiate broadcasting rights and sponsorship. In 1992, all the Clubs in Group A withdrew from the Football League at the same time, and on May 27, 1992, formed the Premier League Limited, headquartered in Lancaster Gate.
In 2004, Barclays Bank became a sponsor of the Premier League, known as the Barclays English Premier League, commonly referred to as the "Premier League". Now the Premier League has become one of the most popular sports events in the world.
Manchester United are the most successful team in the history of the Premier League. They have won 12 titles in 19 Premier League matches and three titles each for Arsenal and Chelsea.
What an imagination!
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