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In China, attending wedding banquets is a verbose thing. There are many traditional routines.
The master of ceremonies should personally arrange for a special person to bring the bride's "guest" and bridesmaid to their seats in order to show respect. The arrangement of wedding banquet seats is different from place to place. In some customs, the bride's guest is at the first table. The host and guest should face the stage so as to watch the wedding ceremony. But if the guests are of two generations with different generations, they should be arranged separately, so-called "two generations have different seats". The table on the welcome list is generally called the first table of dragon table and Phoenix table. When arranging the table, it is better to arrange people of the same sex, age and familiar with each other at one table. In this way, there is a common language in the wine banquet, which can enhance the atmosphere of the wedding banquet.
After the wedding ceremony, the feast began. At this time, the bride should not be anxious to change her dress. She should wait for the first hot dish to come to the table and move a chopstick to show the guests to attend. In the middle of the banquet, the bride and groom should go to each table in turn to toast each guest. When toasting, you should raise the glass with both hands for the guests, but don't insist that the guests drink all at once. After the guests put down their glasses, the bride and groom should smile and say "Thank you" and fill the glasses for the guests before toasting the next guest. It should be noted that the closest contemporaries of the bride and groom are arranged at the last two tables. In order to facilitate the new toast, "show" to avoid affecting the progress of the toast, so that the guests behind long wait.
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